NAKED LABS - Instructional Illustrations & Animations

Naked Labs created and shipped the first home body scanner that allows you to track your fitness journey through 3D body scans.

I headed the development and production of Naked Labs’ visual assets. While developing our style, I wanted to guide our customers through a brand new experience with an innovative piece of technology. I created illustrations and animations meant to be easily understood and structurally/anatomically accurate for OOBE, Pose Instruction, and Scan Notices.

OOBE - Unboxing and hardware setup

Naked Labs’ out-of-box experience is completely digital, acclimating the customer to the app and mobile experience as soon as they set up their mirror.
I was inspired by parallax animations, and designed our OOBE experience as a swipe-through animation that would guide the customer through the story of their setup.
I worked closely with a UX designer, engineering team, and researchers/CX representatives to test and implement the animations.

pose instruction

Naked Labs developed a standardized pose meant to produce the best scans and measurements.

I created a short animation to communicate both the ideal posture and the best way to move into position.


Scan Notices & Reminders

While customers are scanning in the comfort of their homes, we wanted to make sure they remembered the best practices for getting the most accurate scans.
I created instructional illustrations and animations to not only teach and remind, but also catch the user’s attention through visual delight and occasional movement.