As the creators of the first home body scanner, Naked Labs wanted to ensure that our outreach methods were diverse, eye-catching, and informative.

Using the style I developed for our animations and illustrations, I built assets for updates and social media, a demo space, and ads to better reach our users and potential customers.

Updates & Social Media

Naked Labs prides themselves on building a strong relationship with their customers, and did so with honest, consistent updates and regular social media posts.
I took the opportunity to create illustrations and animations that would bolster our intended message, and also add a lighthearted note when appropriate.

Factory PR - Demo Space

Naked Labs partnered with Factory PR and set up a demo space in their New York office.
I illustrated a proportionally-sized vinyl wall sticker as a backdrop for our product, bringing our signature illustration style into the real world.


2018 ad campaign

Hot on the heels of our August 2018 launch, Naked Labs kicked off an ad campaign to capitalize on the media attention.
I started off by casting a wide net with more than 80 individual ad designs, and collaborated closely with a marketing team and ads specialist to narrow down and iterate on the best performing designs.