As Naked Labs’ sole visual designer, I directed their visual voice towards a style that was clean, informative, and recognizable.


I illustrated a proportionally-sized vinyl wall sticker as a backdrop for our product in Factory PR’s New York office, bringing our signature illustration style into our real-world demo space.


External Packaging

A scanner would be packaged separately into two boxes and shipped as a pair. Working in collaboration with an industrial designer, logistics specialist, and manufacturing team, I designed the interior and exterior of Naked Labs’ packaging with the intention of creating a striking first impression. The final external design’s halftone pattern is to allow the boxes to align when stood next to each other, regardless of order.


Internal Packaging

The packaging interior was designed to contrast with the exterior’s simplicity, and also showcase bodies in motion. It was an excellent opportunity to also pay homage to our beta testers, models, and coworkers within the illustration.



Summer 2018 Ad campaign

Hot on the heels of our August 2018 launch, Naked Labs kicked off an ad campaign to capitalize on the media attention. I started off by casting a wide net with more than 80 individual ad designs, and collaborated closely with a marketing team and ads specialist to narrow down and iterate on the best performing designs.